Various Causes of Unexpected Sleep


This time various causes of sleep disorders have been very varied, some in the short term or long term. This disorder of not being able to sleep can also come away, even when you have no problems sleeping. Not being able to sleep in the short term can last one night to a week. If you can’t sleep for a long period it can be up to a month.

Many of us always wonder Why Can’t I sleep? The cause also varies greatly. This time will explain the various causes of not being able to sleep well which you might not have thought before.

  1. Drink too much coffee every day

This is no secret that the caffeine content in coffee keeps you awake from sleepiness. Caffeine has a half-life from 8-10 hours, so when you drink too much coffee this can hamper your deep sleep process. Moreover, the caffeine content will affect the body’s metabolism as we age. So when you are old you better reduce the portion of coffee.

  1. Getting nervous in the middle of the night

If you suddenly wake up in the middle of sleep then feel anxious and filled with various thoughts that make you uncomfortable then you better wake up. The most important thing is when you rest after that. Avoid things that can arouse body stimulation such as complaining about not being able to sleep or doing other activities. So please choose the things that are fun to minimize your anxiety level.

  1. Too busy playing the gadget before going to bed

To get a good night’s sleep that you have always dreamed of, do not once put on your cellphone as a routine before going to bed. Indeed, watching TV for a while can deliver sleep to some people, but it is different from those involving interactions such as playing games, replying to WA, FB, and others. This habit can actually cause symptoms of not being able to sleep.

Knowing those reason can be you basic to set yourself in a comfort zone. So, you can experience a good healty quality sleep at night and wakes up fresh in the next morning.

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