Computer Specifications for 3d rendering


Rendering is the process of building an image from a model using an application on a computer. Simple language is the process of making the final image from a raw design that is still separate, still not clean, uncertain and others. So by rendering, we can find out what the final result of a model or design has been made.

3d rendering

In the world of rendering, we use computer devices. But not every computers can work optimally when rendering objects. Several parts of the computer must have certain specifications, so they can render well.

You need to know if the rendering process takes time. so if the computer specifications are below the standard, the time used will be long and may be very long. I once rendered a video in the Lumion application. the length is 8 hours, and even then it has used a Core i7 computer, and the duration of the video is only 4 minutes.

So the higher the quality of our computer, the faster the 3D rendering process will finish. The following are some important elements that must be considered:

  1. Processor

The processor is the most important part of your PC/laptop. Why? Because this item fully works when the rendering process is running, the rest is assisted by RAM and GPU.

So what determines the processor is good for rendering?

The number of cores or processor cores, the more cores on the processor, the faster the computer completes the rendering process. for example, a dual-core laptop has a speed of 3.5 GHz still defeated by a Quad-Core laptop with a speed of 2.0 GHz. all of that because Quad-core has 4 cores while Dual Core has 2 cores.

  1. Memory & RAM

RAM is very important in everything when we use a computer. In the world of rendering, the amount of memory and RAM plays an important role. The higher memory capacity will affect the transfer rate. Most 3d and 2d applications require large RAM, especially if the design file is very large.

RAM resistance is also very important because when processing graphics in an application, RAM will run actively than we play games. My advice, use RAM capacity between 6 to 16 Gigabytes. preferably using a dual-channel slot (4 = 2×2) (8 = 4×4) (16 = 8×8) (32 = 16×16).

  1. Motherboard & Fan

The motherboard is only a supporting component, but when the rendering process starts, the processor will work optimally and cause heat to 90 degrees Celsius. so that the motherboard is not hot, the temperature of the computer must always be given a breeze to keep it cool. That is why many assembled PCs are very concerned about their fans.

Choose the type of performance class chipset, because it can survive the process in large data capacity.

  1. VGA

The role of VGS on computers is to process 3-dimensional forms on a computer. VGA will translate digital signals from the computer and monitor screen. so that a computer that uses VGA is high, surely it will look better than the opposite. there is no effect on the rendering process with the VGA used. however, for better processing, use VGA quality. for example NVidia, ATi, S3, and others.

Well, that’s a brief explanation of Rendering in the world of 3D and 2D design. Hopefully,  can be add to your knowledge. Thank you – Assalamualaikum.

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