Recommended Application to Download the Best Games on the Android OS

Apart from the Google Play Store which is the official app and game store from Google, it turns out that there are also many other platforms that provide Download Game Android smartphones.

By downloading using the .XAPK and .APK formats, you can definitely be given the convenience of executing downloads and also moving the retained files to another device.

Then what are the Android game download applications that we recommend? Come on, see the full list below, gang!


First there is 9Apps, a third-party app store that provides alternative games that you can try on your Android device.

9Apps is one of the biggest game and application download services in the world with total downloads of more than 20 million per day.

Not only are there app calls for Android games and applications, 9Apps also provides Mini Games that you can play right away in the app.

Even in appearance, this free Android game download application is quite friendly, you can browse games based on the best, latest, trending, and even categories.

Amazon Appstore

As Google’s big rival, Amazon also provides an application and game download service called the Amazon Appstore.

The Amazon Appstore also exists as the top choice for Amazon Fire smartphones, although you can download on other Android smartphones.

Apart from a number of free games, here you can also get other services, such as e-books, movies, and songs in them.

Unfortunately, compared to the Google Play Store, the database contained in the Amazon Appstore game download application is not completely complete.

APKPure (Most popular game download application)

Then there is APKPure, which provides the best Android game download service and is also updated for more than one popular game, such as Mobile Legends to PUBG Mobile.

In this one Android game download application, you can’t find games that only exist in certain regions, for example PUBG Mobile KR which only exists in South Korea.

Of course, to play the game, you need other settings, such as using an Android VPN application to be able to play it.

In the user interface that is provided, you can be given many categories and also the ease of downloading and installing applications in it, gang.

So, unless you want to download the last game for free, not only through the Play Store, APKPure is one of the best.

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